Programmatics by At2

At2 digital media by Attitude uses a powerful combination of insights, data, aritificial intelligence and machine learning to build your customer base and target results.

Achieve your objectives with the most digitally advanced tools and Attitude's in-house data management platform (DMP) plus the power of Attitude ACQUISTIONTM

"It's not the size of your data, it is what you do with it...!"

Harness the power of digital media!
Collect, analyze, segment and activate your audience using our platform. At2 by Attitude offers a comprehensive list of services and solutions to help you unlock the potential of your first party data.
Our exclusive data management platform (DMP) allows us to tap into data provided by our partners at Google, Amazon and others and help you to create an optimal 1st party audience of your own.

  • Digital media management
  • Programmatic
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd party data management platform (DMP)
  • Google analytics & Google Ads
  • User insights and micro segmentation
  • Google, Amazon

New client acquisition B2C - Langmobile

Creative social media content, Google Ads and programmatics campaign to increase enrollement across multiple locations Greater Montreal. Excellent results!

Lead generation B2B - Tecnar

Dynamic banners, programmatics, Google Ads and AI assisted remarketing campaign to generate additional sales leads across multiple countries. Delivered 7X versus objectives in first month.

Drive to conversion HCP (health care professionals) - Orimed

Landing page, LinkedIn, dynamic banners, programmatics and AI assisted remarketing campaign to generate leads and convert to a specific call-to-action Canada wide. Very precise targeting generated high quality leads.

Attitude campaigns outpace the industry because of our data mangement platform

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