Creative Content that delivers!

Sometimes you just have to step back and ask yourself, 'what do I want my audience to do, to feel, to understand?' and then let creative people shine!

Content with a purpose. Insights-based creative content targeted for results!

"Warning, check the label! attitude is so much more than the ad agency you are used to dealing with."

attitude has a long history of creating compelling content. The secret is to take time to understand your objectives and filter them through the needs and behaviours of your target audience and then hand things over to a talented team of creators! Rich media, animation or print? Video or display? Digital or analog? attitude’s creative content team will help you tell the best story, in a way that best reaches your audience, via the most engaging medium.

  • Insights based creative with attitude GENERATORTM
  • Integrated digital communications campaigns
  • Design and branding
  • Multimedia, video, animation, html5 creation
  • Multicultural and regional marketing
  • Innovation

Fempro - Awareness and brand content for Incognito

Numerous social media, web, programmatic campaigns and digital stunts throughout the year in Quebec.

Ouimet Cordon Bleu - Awareness and brand promotion for Clark Beans

Web, print, video, social and programmatic campaign promoting Clark beans for brunch across Canada.

Grape Growers of Ontario - awareness and activation campaign

Micro-site, video, dynamic banners, social media programmatic campaigns across Ontario.

Creative Content that delivers!

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