The Top 5 Misperceptions in Digital Marketing!

At attitude, we work with companies all across the country that cover a broad range of sizes, industries and digital media needs. When we talk about digital marketing, we talk about performance, results and efficiency, but it's not always easy to understand how it all works. Clients come to us with all kinds of questions, and a ton of misperceptions about the digital universe.  Here are five we hear most frequently.

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Client: “My SEO specialist assured me that I would be first on Google after he finished and that did not happen.” or “I recently paid an SEO specialist and I am disappointed that I’m not first on Google.”

As you improve your SEO efforts, so do your competitors.

attitude: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially a way of aligning your website with tools like Google to ensure you have the best possible chance of showing up when users search for your area of ​​expertise. SEO is a very worthwhile exercise and could be a great and affordable way to bring new clients into your pipeline. It does not, however, come with any guarantees. First of all, it takes time.  The hunt for first place is very competitive and you are not alone in wanting to make it. As you improve your SEO efforts, so do your competitors. SEO is not something you do once and you're done. You must constantly take care of the content of your site in order to stay in the game. SEO takes time and improves with consistency. Be patient.


Client: “I post on Facebook several times a week, but I don't have any new followers.”


attitude: Sorry to break it to you, but Facebook is in the advertising business and wants to make money. (Shocking, I know!)  If you are posting organically (not paying), then you will not reach many people. Organic posts are timed to reach 1% of users who already like or follow your page, and that's it. If you want to reach all of your followers, you will need to sponsor your post. If you want to reach new users, you will need to enable strategies like dark posts. How much to spend and who to target really depends on your goals. A social media specialist can help you align your strategy.


Client: “I pay for Google Ads, but no one I know has seen my ad.”


attitude: This observation comes up quite often. What you need to understand is that when you buy a keyword with Google Ads, you are not buying exclusive use of that word. What you buy is a set number of occasions in which you will be the first result that will appear, and this, according to your daily budget. You are not alone in having paid for this word. Everyone who buys that same keyword also has a chance to be number one in turn. And this system works well. If your goal is to find 50 new customers, you don't want to pay for all of the two million queries made that day. If your agency has planned your campaign properly, your budget should help you acquire the appropriate number of clicks your business can sustain.  


Client: “My SEO/Google Ads specialist recommends using the keywords I disagree with because they are not words we deploy at the office when talking about our product. »

As a marketing agency, it is our duty to understand and anticipate the needs of your future clients.

attitude: As a marketing agency, it is our duty to understand and anticipate the needs of your future clients. When we set up your SEO or Google Ads, we want to intercept users with the word choices they are currently using, regardless of the vocabulary used within your business. Our pasta client at O Sole Mio would never refer to their product as “noodles”, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t intercept people searching for the “best spaghetti noodles”, right?


Client: “My friend told me about his results on (given media name), but I haven’t had the same success with our campaign on the same platform.”


attitude: Not all digital media are the same, and your friend's goals may be different from yours. YouTube doesn't reach the same audience as Instagram, and Twitter doesn't demand the same response as LinkedIn. The reality is that a good media plan will take your goals into consideration and pair them with the best media for the expected results. Depending on your goals, one medium may perform better at getting more awareness, for example, and another medium may perform better at creating engagement. Engaging your consumer may require a certain creative style that works best on Instagram and if you want to generate leads, perhaps the most appropriate route is programmatic.

Digital marketing can be your best friend. Excellent performance, scalable budgeting and measurable results. Like any strategy, however, the important thing is to establish the best plan for you based on your objectives and target market. Talk to your digital marketer and they can help you find the best solution for your business. Best of luck!

Source: This article was first published (French only), in the COMMERCE & industrie Rive-Sud magazine, printemps / été 2022, Volume 19, Numéro 32.

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