Dublin's Pub

Attitude has been launching and supporting products on-line, in-store and in media for the Arista division of Lassonde for many years. Dublin's Pub, Bliss, Double-Vie and Le Collection are all brands that Attitude has helped bring to market.

Packaging design, POP, sales tools, micro-sites, social media, television ads, on-line media and video content campaigns. You name it, we've done it – and we've had a blast working with the Arista team as we have!

La Collection

Arista is a very entrepreneurial and creative group. Their energy is high and their turnaround to retail can sometimes be quick. Part of the reality of retail is being able to be opportunistic and make it happen. The Attitude team is always ready for the challenge.

The Attitude team knows the realities of retail and all of the challenges brand managers face. We are particularly proud of the integration our team enjoys with the brand teams that we support!


Creativity goes beyond design. It also helps to understand how the corporate buying process works. Recognizing the realities of production, distribution and merchandising helps Attitude to ensure that our solutions work creatively within trade realities.

Project details


Multiple product launches



An Attitude client since 2008, the mission of Lassonde Industries Inc. is to be a North American leader in the production and marketing of food products that by their quality and variety contribute to the enjoyment and wellness of consumers.

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