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We built the agency we would have liked to work with when we were clients ourselves!

We are a team of friendly, smart, creative people using powerful tools and insights to deliver real results !

attitude marketing is your strategic digital marketing partner.

Insightful marketing consultants, creative content creators and the most digitally advanced data and tools combine to turn your web site into the epicenter of a powerful marketing machine.


Building the optimal user intent grid

Ours is a data based approach to content creation. We access data gathered by our partners at Google, Amazon and other major digital sources through attitude’s data management platform (DMP).

SEO and user intent analysis help us to build a content grid that optimally combines key micro moments, channels and targets. In effect, ATTITUDE GENERATOR allows us to use SEO, artificial intelligence and machine learning to map the most appropriate mix of content to satisfy our communications objectives within each very specifically defined target group.

Content creative based on data intelligence.

attitude INSIGHTS TM

Scanning the web to bring you the best consumer intelligence.


Our powerful listening tools and monitoring protocols allow us to tap into the live conversation going on about your brand in real time across multiple digital channels.

Build your own customized dashboard to recieve live, relevant information when you need it. attitude analysts are available to add insites and make actionable recommendations to help you stay ahead of the news and ahead
of the competition.

Insights available in an instant on specific topics and amongst specific market segments.


Acquiring new users to feed your customer relationship funnel (CRM).

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a bigger, more relevant audience and acquire customers.

attitude's privileged access to Google's powerful data management platform (DMP) leverages user data from your web properties, plus your own existing data and insights to build multiple, customized profiles that belong only to you.

attitude's DMP and the artificial intelligence Google provides then allows us to use your current customers profiles to go find additional customers with the same profile and reach them with relevant messaging based on their specific needs and behaviours.

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